Viscera Cleanup Detail

Remove waste, gunk, and blood from alien invasions

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    Windows 7 / Windows XP

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Viscera Cleanup Detail is an FPS-like game set in a physical simulation that challenges you to clean up after the heroes have already saved the day.

Popular FPS video games often follow a similar script: monsters are on the loose at some remote location and a hero must come and save the day. You’re usually that hero. Viscera Cleanup Detail is different. Here, the space marines have already come and gone. The monsters that were running amuck on this space station slash research lab have already been vanquished. You’re here now. You’re the cleanup crew, and your job is to get this place back in order… or not.

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to call Viscera Cleanup Detail a janitorial simulation, but that doesn’t tell the whole story either. The entire game is set within a physics sandbox that’s realistic in a sense but also reminiscent of many classic FPS games. Cleanup is a real challenge. Your mop is quite effective but requires constant maintenance in order to remain that way. You also need to take a tactical approach since it’s easy to back yourself into a literal corner and create a lot of extra work for yourself as you make your way back out.

The cleanup itself is a challenge, and that challenge is added to with a number of adventure elements, such as determining how to access a section that’s currently locked off. There are also surprises to find, such as a laser gun that’s been left behind. Sure, there aren’t any villains to shoot, but that gun can make garbage disposal easier on a scale you’ve never imagined… or maybe you have.

Of course, you don’t actually have to be productive. You can treat the game like the sandbox it is and just make matters worse. It’s a single-player game by default, but you have some multiplayer options too. One is a local cooperative mode where two players share one screen split down the middle like the good ol’ days. The other option is P2P-hosted multiplayer mode, which can support up to 32 players. Clean up or create mayhem. Work together in teams, or turn it into a free for all.

Viscera Cleanup Detail is probably at its most enjoyable when connecting with others: full-screen, multiplayer and voice chat. Let the mayhem and hilarity commence. It’s also an interesting single-player experience that only an indie could pull off. The industry giants would have never invested in a title like this, and it deserves your attention even if it doesn’t redefine the various genres it sloshes around in.


  • Clean up guts, gore and shell casings
  • Experiment in an FPS-inspired physics simulation
  • Play with others in local co-op or online


  • Not a meaty single-player experience

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